Othello Tragic Hero

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Othello: The Moor of Venice is a play by William Shakespeare written on1603. Othello is a tragic hero like Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear. Shakespeare presumably composed Othello after Hamlet. Othello, who secretly married Desdemona at the opening of play, leaves Venice to charge the Venetian armed forces in Cyprus. Whenever Desdemona and Cassio join Othello in Cyprus, the deceitful Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. Othello murdered Desdemona in anger. Iago 's wife, Emilia, then reveals that Desdemona 's affair was created story of Iago. Iago murdered Emilia and Othello attempts suicide. Cassio rules Cyprus and Iago’s punishment is left for Cassio to choose. IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF OTHELLO’S CHARACTER Othello is a tragic hero. However, the theme of the play revolves more around Iago than Othello. From the very beginning, Othello is an outsider in the public arena. He is a Moor, an outsider and a black man from North Africa and is consequently victimized in an all-white society. However, his…show more content…
As is vital in each tragic hero, Othello has a major defect. The first is his hot-headed and passionate nature. “My blood begins my safer guides to rule / And passion / having my best judgment collide / Assays to lead the way” (Act2 Scene3; line no. 164-166). Whenever he is in anger or being emotional, he stops thinking and starts feeling. He takes hasty decisions that he regrets after sometime when he stops to think about it. For example, he fires on Cassio while drunk without knowing the full story. That then leads us to his next imperfection, which is unnecessary pride and a distraction with notoriety. When he makes a mistake, he is too proud to correct it and to admit that he was wrong. Iago takes advantage of Othello’s stubborn character and uses them to destroy all that precious for Othello. He encourage Othello’s pride by flattering him and convinces that decisions are taken by him are always
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