Otila Moral Analysis

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The movie, a deeply affecting and agonizing drama, presents a different and traditional perspective about a sensitive issue portrayed in such a way that viewers can share and endure the feelings of hardships, powerlessness, injustice, and fear felt by Otilia and Gabita. Gabita got pregnant and sought an illegal abortion with the help of her friend, Otilia, who accompanied her all throughout the extremely uncomfortable and horrendous process of termination. The most significant aspect of the movie is that its focus was not on embodying the pro-life or pro-choice battle; instead, it reflects a society wherein rules are strictly enforced and highlights its consequences, emotional or moral, acquired by those involved in the illegal process of abortion.…show more content…
She was unaware of the notion of taking responsibility of the consequences brought about by her own actions, she even had no idea of the duration of her pregnancy and did nothing during the process of the abortion except actually having done it. On the other hand, I admire Otilia’s strength and selflessness. Unlike Gabita, I respected Otilia for she was bold and courageous who stepped up to help Gabita proceed with the abortion even if it included being defiled by Mr. Bebe. She stood by Gabita and did everything to help her, such as reserving the room, borrowing cash, engaging with black market dealings (cigarettes) and meeting up with the abortionist even though she was dealing with her own problems, concerning her relationship with her boyfriend, Adi. She tried to discuss such topics with Adi because she knew how grave the consequences were, and so she wanted to talk about how to prevent it from happening, unfortunately, Adi was unwilling to discuss precautionary measures. The most powerful scenes in the movie were Otilia and Gabita’s conversation after the abortionist left and the closing scene of the movie. These scenes illustrated how alone they (women) were and they can only rely on each other who were both victims. Although it was not elaborated in the movie how close Gabita and Otilia were, it was clear that they share a strong bond. Their friendship was tested given the intensity of the situation they were
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