Otomí Culture In Mexico

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The Otomí is an indigenous culture that has its origins in the central zone of Mexico where the Otomí culture settled. They are currently found in the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Puebla and Veracruz.
The Otomies are considered the original people of the highlands of Mexico. The archaeological findings indicate that they settled near the year 8,000 a.C.
This town presented a great division regarding the use of the language. Thus, in the area of the Central Highlands, the Pame autumn slope is spoken (mazahuas, chichimecas, pames, matlatzincas and tlahuicas belong to this branch) while the rest uses the tlapaneco mangueada.
Each Otomi group presents its own word for self-nomination: hñahñu in the Mezquital valley,
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They were traditionally nomadic hunters and gatherers. Corn tortillas with bean paste were a common food item; but they also ate wild game, tropic fruits, and fish.

The Mayan food staples were still in use, chili peppers, honey, salt and chocolate found its way into their cooking. Some of the wild game, such as turkey and duck, had now become domesticated.

They brought with them dairy products, and garlic as well as many different herbs, wheat and spices. It was at this time that the Mexican people saw the assimilation of many other cuisines including Caribbean, South American, French, West African and Portuguese. Because of this Mexican foods today are diverse, yet dishes to vary from region to region.

They heated food over and open fire, using cast iron skillets and ceramic ware. Another method was steaming. They would suspend meat wrapped in cactus or banana leaves, over boiling water in a deep
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Meat dishes are popular in the north, while in the south more dishes with vegetables and chicken are common. Communities along the sea enjoy a lot of seafood dishes. Some Mexican recipes incorporate influences from South America, the Caribbean and Africa. Common foods, such as tacos and tamales, receive a special touch in each region of Mexico.

A big part of the Otomí food bases in their agriculture, the harsh conditions of the climate, the blazing sun in the morning, the cold temperatures and the low levels of precipitation, farmers have no other save option other than the cultivation of wheat, corn and potatoes. This are the most popular and common, but the use of tunas, nopales and a diverse list of diverse fruits depending of the region the dish is being made.
The production of this various products is important in their culture like any other they made various dishes with the purpose of curing diseases or just make people feel better for example: there are various soups to help woman after birth and people with their headaches after drinking alcohol. Otomí food is mostly homemade and with a distinct flavor, it is spicy and mainly based in two or more base ingredients like: their soup it contains the main ingredient either being flesh or a vegetable and add the water it was cooked

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