Otrera My Hero

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What does heroes do to earn their name? They do save and protect other people, but not for fame and money nor it’s there mission. They do it because they put themselves first in front of people to protect them, and they know he’s saving many people. A hero is a person who is fighting for something, like Rosa Park was fighting for her race. Anyone can be a hero. My hero is not a real person, it’s a woman called Otrera. Otrera is a woman that comes from a Greek mythology. She was a wife that was controlled by her nasty, annoying husband that beats her up, and she can be sold to slavery, and can be killed (just like all women back than, not unless you are in Sparta). Women had no law, and had worse privileges than pigs. She illegally trained…show more content…
They built a temple for both gods. Ares temple was built on an island with no name. The second temple was built in the city of Ephesus, basically located in Turkey. The temple saved them once while being attacked by Dionysus, god of wine (first type of alcohol in Ancient Greek), vines and grapes, and his followers. Othera attacked Dionysus because he turned her scouts into his manic followers (serial killers without weapons and sharp nail that can cut bodies like wood). Otrera and her army retreated to the temple of Atrtermis to gain protection from the god of wine. There many other adventures later on. When Othera retired from the throne, her two daughters, Hippolyta and Penthesileia, took the throne. Hippolyta was later slain by her sister. And Othera was later slain by a Greek hero named Bellerophontes. The reason why I think Othera a hero is because she wanted the life of a Bronze Age housemaid to come to an end and want all the genders of the world (including miss gender people and others) to be equal and not have women treated like slaves and servants for mankind. Just like Rosa Park, except she used peace and protest to fight against African American’s
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