Otto Anne Frank Essay

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Going into hiding, Anne Frank and her family got prepared for when they would have to go into hiding months in advance. They had planned to go into hiding July 16th, even if there was no immediate threat to their family. It wasn’t until July 5th Edith opened the door and got a letter stunned. The summons to labor service, Edith thought the letter was going to be addressed to Otto Anne’s father. The letter was addressed to Margot Frank she was Anne’s sister; she was ordered to report to the Central Office from there she would take a train to the transit camp at Westernbork. Edith decided not to tell Margot it was for her but instead it was for Otto. The next day the Frank family goes into hiding. The Van Pelses would follow a week later into…show more content…
They continued to live in fear of being discovered. They had to keep very quiet and pass time together as well as they can, they were helped by the office workers. Those helped would not only arrange food but also clothes, book and helped them contact the outside world. I cannot believe what Anne frank had to go through during the years of her life having to hide, she lived in cramped spaces and had to eat less food than she was used to. She could not go outside she feared she might get discovered and get shot. “We’re so fortunate here, away from the turmoil. We wouldn’t have to give a moment’s thought to all this suffering if it weren’t for the fact that we’re so worried about those we hold dear, whom we can no longer help. I feel wicked sleeping in a warm bed, while somewhere out there my dearest friends are dropping from exhaustion or being knocked to the ground.” This quote from Anne Frank’s diary impacted me, Anne recognizes just how different the inside world is from the outside world. Anne is in hiding she is isolated from the pain of others and that makes her feel grateful that she is safe and with her family but at the same time she is feeling quietly that she is safe while her friends are in the outside world suffering and there is nothing she can do to help
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