Otto Eldred Jr Case Study

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Do you think Otto-Eldred Jr Sr high school should build another gym? Yes. Students at Otto-Eldred Jr Sr high school should build another gym. The gym would help the community, kids, and the school. The gym would help the community because kids and adults will get there exercise. The schooling system of Otto-Eldred should build another gym so kids can get their exercise, so they won 't go obese. Building another gym would benefit the school of Otto-Eldred Jr Sr high school.
First of all, adding another gym would benefit the school. When the school has games or prep rallies we could split the whole school into two different gyms. One for the seventh graders to ninth graders, and the other gym to the tenth graders to the twelfth graders. The school could have more gym classes throughout the day, so the school wouldn’t have two grades combine into one. Also, more room for kids to play in the gyms. Students would have more things, more activities, more room, and have exercise more often.
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On the other hand, some people say adding another gym to the Otto-Eldred Jr. Sr high school is too expensive to build. The school could have tournaments for money. If the school adds another gym, they would charge people if the come to games, or to the practice gym for money. The school could make a fundraiser for money to build. More people would come to the gym to practice, train, or just play games. The school could ask the people for money if they want to come to the gym. Also, the school could make a rec league for money to build the gym.
Clearly, adding another gym to Otto-Eldred Jr Sr high school would benefit the school, community, and help kids. In addition, adding another gym would make the community better than ever. More people will come two the other gym to practice for that sport, exercise, or just mess around. Adding another gym would help or benefit students or adults with the community, schools, and kids. Otto-Eldred Jr Sr high school should add another
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