Otto Frank: A Good Example Of A Survivor

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Otto Frank The Holocaust took place in World War Two. Otto Frank was a Jew who was in World War Two. He also hid in the Secret Annex with eight other people including his wife and two daughters. Otto Frank is a good example of a survivor because he survived the Holocaust, he was in another war, and was good at medicine. Otto Frank is a survivor because he survived the Holocaust. He found Anne’s diary after the Holocaust (Hackett and Goodrich). That is how we know about Anne Frank’s Diary. He needed to be a survivor to survive the Holocaust. He survived the Holocaust by being resourceful. He guided the others in the Secret Annex with his great leadership skills. Also he is a good survivor because he in the army. In the army, he went to World War One ( He survived the first World War, he must have good survival skills to survive a war. He needed to be courageous to survive. Twenty years after World War One, Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany.…show more content…
He can identify symptoms of diseases and can identify medicines for a lot diseases (Hackett and Goodrich and If you’re good at medicine, you have a good chance of surviving anything except death. He is also good at patching people up to stop them from bleeding out. Otto Frank survived the Holocaust, survived World War One in the army, and was good at medicine, so I think he is a good example of a survivor. Otto Frank was in the army in 1915 and promoted to lieutenant. I think Otto Frank is a good example of a survivor because of these
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