Otto Von Bismarck Research Paper

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Charles Darwin was a 19th century English naturalist. Darwin is commonly known for his study of Galapagos finches. He went to the Galapagos islands and noticed that the finches on each island had different beaks than the last. This research led to his theory of evolution, and his book On the Origin of Species. He later continued his research and wrote the book The Descent of Man. Darwin is also commonly credited with writing the ideas of natural selection, variation/adaptation, and evolution. His studies are the foundation of modern evolutionary studies. Darwin 's studies were also used to justify some major wars, saying that natural selection was taking place in humans and the weak will die and only the strongest will survive. Otto von Bismarck was a 19th century, Prussian, politician. He is most commonly associated with the unification of Germany. He used strategic wars to win the territory that he wanted to include in Germany. With his alliance system he was able to keep the peace in Europe for about two decades. In order to achieve his goals, Bismarck also made some reforms: universal male suffrage and a welfare state. Overall, Bismarck 's use of strategic wars and foreign affairs led him to united 39 independent German states, under Prussian rule, that would eventually…show more content…
When world war I stared he wanted to prepare Britain for war and founded the Royal Navy Air Service and helped with the development of the Churchill Tank which would later be used in World War II. During WW II Churchill was against Chamberlain 's policy of appeasement, and when Chamberlain resigned, Churchill became the next prime minister. As Prime Minister during the war, Churchill gave numerous speeches that helped lift the spirits of the people of Britain. After WWII Churchill began his battle fighting communism. He gave his speech about the Iron Curtain that divided West and East Europe and warned about the dangers of Soviet
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