Ottoman Bombard Fires

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Boom! Bang! the Bombard fires at the walls of Constantinople as they are crumbling to pieces and the Ottoman Turks take over. A Bombard was a type of a cannon that destroyed walls and castles. While studying the Bombards the three main things found out was who made it and why, the process of the cannon and how to conquer with the Bombard, what the most famous cannons and the size of them in general were and who used the cannons. Some of the best Bombards ever made was the ones that were made by the Ottoman Turks who were the people who broke into and conquered Constantinople and made it Instanbul. Ottoman Turks are Muslims that came from Turkey. The Bombard was used to knock down the walls of Constantinople in 1453. This allowed Ottoman Turks…show more content…
This process was long, but in the end the Ottoman Turks could conquer the places they wanted to. The Bombard also made the idea of hiding behind the walls around your castle and in a castle completely useless. This cannon was the size of a piece of a sewer pipe, the 630mm caliber, 5182 mm long barrel is sectional with the two component pieces weighing roughly 16-tons when it is put together. The two pieces go to come apart very easily, so you can transport them from a ship or a wagon and then put them back together while they were in war. An example of a Bombard is the Mons Meg was capable of firing 180 kg (396 lb) shots and was one of the largest Bombards in its time. It is now housed on public display at Edinburgh Castle. It took sixty ox to carry it and two hundred men. The largest Bombard ever to be made was the Great Mortar of Moscow, which had a bore that was thirty six inches, and eighteen feet long and fired a stone that weighed a ton. Tsar Fyodor I son of Ivan IV made Andrei Chokhov make the biggest Bombard known. Scottish kings also used Bombards they used them between 1455 and 1513 to reduce the castles of rebellious nobles. A baron’s castle was easily knocked to pieces by a prince or by a king because they have the

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