Ottoman Empire Advantages

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After taking a look at all the information given to me, I was able to conclude that the Ottoman empire was the most beneficial, and the Mughal empire was the most harmful to the people they conquered.
Each of the three Muslim Empires were all great, but eventually they each came to a decline, which ultimately ended the civilizations. However, during the time each empire ruled, they were each beneficial to their conquered citizens, as well harmful to the citizens. The Ottomans benefited their conquered citizens in many ways, the main ways being social mobility, creating wealth, and limiting tax. Social mobility was very important to the conquered citizens because it allowed them to move up in ranking in their new empire. The citizens could go through the ranks and become an important part in the empire 's government. Creating wealth and limiting tax were both helpful to the empire greatly, and go into play with each other. The Ottomans helped open up vendors to a trade route that went through the Mediterranean Sea, allowing them to make more money. They also didn’t have to pay an enormous amount of tax, which caused them to make more profit. This caused the economy of the Ottoman empire to flourish and to eventually benefit the overall community. With these benefits, some negatives were also affecting the citizens. These negatives included taking children from conquered territories and making them Suleyman’s slaves, and having the worst fit sons to inherit the throne. The
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