Ottoman Empire Vs Safavid Essay

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I choose Ebenzier Perez’s post which is about Ottoman Empire compare with Safavid Empire. Ottoman Turkish Empire is known as the judging geographically established by Turkey from the Central Asia. Founded by the Ottoman claim, that is, multi-ethnic multi-religious, multi-cultural entity was (Perez). On the other hand, Safavid Empire of Persia (Iran), while in the office, probably 1501. 1736 was a descendant of the Persian Kurdish Sapa in the Member ruling dynasty of rain most of the bark of southwest Asia Safaviyya - injecting a special order of Shi 'a Islam It ruled.
Ottoman Empire stretched from the northern border of Hungary Southeastern Europe. Also encompasses Anatolia, Iran and North Africa in the Atlantic Ocean almost to the border of the Mediterranean Middle East (Perez). Now, Safavid dynasty was in Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and also in Afghanistan, Iraq, mainly to control the whole of any part of Georgia and the Caucasus, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. As one of the era 's powerful "gunpowder empires", Safavids of Persia in a series of East and at the crossroads of the Western world will reset itself as a key player in the economy and geopolitics. In the case of the Ottoman
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Ottomans, Safavids and the Mughal Empire were shared common political, religious, literary, intellectual, artistic and cultural traditions. The declines of the empire are three fundamentally different. Affected more by the Ottoman Empire during the development of the external, Safavids and the decline of the Mughal Empire because of personal failures of individual rulers of these empires was the main reason for cannot be ruled out, do away inside factors. The Ottoman state was moving from sultanate (dynasty) in vizierate (ministry). After the Ottoman Empire, while defending himself against such expansion Europeanist tried to adapt to ways of the European. Local claims and nationalism combined with Ultimately the World War demise of a result of the dynasty. (Singh

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