Our Cat Observation

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Based on the following observations, the owner of these artifacts is a football Cat, a guitar Cat, and a wealthy, smart, conservative Cat. Our Cat included four items: a 9th grade football game film DVD, a basic scientific calculator, a guitar pick, and a Chick-Fil-A gift card. In regards to the 9th grade football game film DVD, it can tell us a lot about the subject. Boldly displayed, the name of the school resides on the cover. Westminster, a Christian-based elite coed school in Atlanta, GA welcomes students of all kinds every year, for the steep tuition (per year) of $28,000. The school permits financial aid to 15% of students, meaning our Cat most likely does not receive any aid, exhibiting the sheer wealthiness of our Cat. Westminster also ranks…show more content…
Also, the sheer firmness of the material conveys the often use of the pick. Due to the firmness, the player must be very active with his pick in order to scratch it. Next, the Cat brought in a calculator. The calculator is a TI-30xIIs, a cheap scientific calculator. Because of the beat up condition, one can assume that the Cat does not treat it with care. Unlike a guitar pick, one does not perform an action with a calculator besides tapping the keys, so the calculator must not be very important to the Cat. This leads the historian to believe that it must not be in often use, perhaps due to the high IQ already established. Lastly, the Cat provided a Chick-Fil-A gift card. Run by Dan Cathy, a right wing businessman opposed to same sex marriage, this restaurant is for carnivorous eaters, and due to comments made by Cathy, one can assume that conservative people make up most of their consumer demographic. Based on these four items: Chick Fil A gift card, a calculator, a football DVD, and a guitar pick, a historian could assume that this Cat is a wealthy, smart, conservative football-playing, musical
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