Nelson Mandela Reaction Paper

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Our Forever Hero, Nelson Mandela


A Blessing to Mr. Mandela

“To him the meaning of being Black is to devote the life to racial flights, time turns gaining into losing, tiresome eyes still shine with hope”, lyrics from the Cantonese song ‘Glorious Days’ composed by Wong Ka Kui, one of the member in Beyond which is a famous Hong Kong rock band, in 1991. After Mr. Nelson Mandela was released from the jail, the composer was inspired by Mr. Mandela’s twenty-seven years of imprisonment of his life in the Apartheid regime. So he gave this song to Mr. Mandela to give a support and pay tribute to his glorious life. ‘Glorious Days’ is not only a song, but also make me to know him and the reason that I chose this biography to read- “Mandela’s way: Lessons on life, love, and courage” by Richard Stengel (2012).


The whole inspirational life of Nelson Mandela inspired me a lot, especially his struggle against the government for freedom and his personalities transformed after he was freed from prison. It leads me to believe that I can do better and nothing is impossible until I tried my best.

In order to figure out what I have learnt from the book, this essay is divided into three parts. First, I will have a self-reflection that evaluate the experience by making some measured judgments. After
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I felt sad that he could not express his own emotions to the public. “He could to tamp down his fear—he was simply unwilling to let anyone else see that he might be. ” (Richard Stengel, 2012, p.38-39.) Mr. Mandela realized that his beaming, warm smile was the part of his power but “the smile was his mask, disguising any hurt or sadness, hiding as much as it disclosed.” (Richard Stengel, 2012, p.114). In order to overcome his fear, he needed to pretend he is brave and strong enough to become a leading figure that lead the publics and give them hope and power. At last, he became who he wanted to
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