Our Guerrillas, Our Sidewalks Essay

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The book “Our Guerrillas, Our Sidewalks” by Herbert Braun was a really eye opening book in many ways. This book shows some great examples in how your life can change in minutes, and to never take anything for granted. Jake was a really good man, and employed hundreds of people. You would think fate would have blessed this man and not have anything bad happen to him, but as everything in life everything bad happens to the people that do good. As you proceed in reading this book you kind of get suck into to story, as if you were there. The number one reason I like this book is because in a way I can kind of relate to it. Being from Mexican descent myself, it is a country that also has thousands of kidnappings a year. And about two years ago the same type of situation happened to my family. As I read the book I can say I have many things in which I like; for example the characters, the wording and the excitement of the book. The top thing that i disliked had to be the Guerrillas. Furthermore some great things that I like about the novel are the people that played a big part in this novel. Starting off with Tico, he is a funny character i could picture him in my head just by the way he expresses himself. Tico for me was a very sufhiscated person that…show more content…
This chapter had me wanting to read more and more. The process of the negotiating was harder than what i thought. The family was waiting for this moment for a very longer time, and it was not a smooth process. I honestly thought everything was going to be over the phone, so the actual meetings really surprised me. I liked the fact that his employees where willing to deal with the process. Jake’s employees where willing to put their lives on standby to help their boss out. The negotiating felt like a movie it was very suspenseful.As soon as i thoguht Jakes will soon be free there will still be some little thing to
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