Our Immoral World Summary

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1. What does the author say are some of the reasons for the problems in our society today? Explain using examples. (3 marks) The author, of Our Immoral World, reasons that the present problems of abortion, AIDS, rape, drugs and violent death/murder are all by-products of these factors: the instability of the modern marriage, the greed for things (money, phones, etc.) and the insignificance of morality. The first reason, listed within this article, is the fall of the family. In the article, it states that ‘Half of all American marriages end in divorce’ (2 in 5 marriages in Canada) and ‘Only one marriage in eight is a good one.’ These quotes can be connected to the idea that stressful home lives can lead to a higher chance of testing the waters- use of drugs, pre-marital sex, and false friendships- in order to find happiness and security that can’t be found at home with your unhappy parents. The next reason mentioned is the greed for things and this greed, quoted ‘Greed destroys the soul.’ This idea is…show more content…
In this article, it’s written that ‘the family is the only place most people can learn life’s single most important lesson, unselfish love’ and this reasoning is why the family is such an important part of our society and growth. But, it is also mentioned that family life is crumbling due to the rocky conditions of the modern marriage- ½ of all American marriages end in divorce and 2/5 of all Canadian marriages end in divorce. These rocky conditions are and will not be a good place to raise children with the ability to love unselfishly. Overall, we have to preserve family life as best as we can, if we wish to preserve the traits found in unselfish love- trust, happiness, caring, love and
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