Our Interior Forest Ian Frazier Analysis

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Our Interior Forest. Ian Frazier for his inner life compares it to be inside in a forest, since in it, many people often use it as an escape to the current reality that each one, e.g. a forest (spa, fishing, Park, Beach) that departs to the reality of day to day living. When the person escapes to the forest is to explore and internalize what are its purposes and goals to follow. Ian mentions that explore would be a more prominent idea than it is currently. At present our explorations seem to have less historical system since increasingly the experiences that arise are more materialistic than real feelings. Examples of real experiences and throw stones in a river, make holes in the sand, climb a tree and take fruits, is a similarity of…show more content…
In the worldly age are living people are filled with many margins; as he says Ian, who is impossible to read a book without margins, and the marginal behavior can be the most important kind. Each activity full of purpose that exists in the reality outside forest is like wasting time. The meaning of margin is where you can try out different ideas that might present a fear at the thought that he could not have the approval of others. Unfortunately, today there are more people that truncated its purposes by not having the approval of the public in general. By the above this option discard purposes by the approval of the world that surround us, we were a great banality-entering and would be in some way the daunting is a scenario of all. Why people drink regularly, enter its interior forest to decipher the gaps of his thoughts. Enjoy the true meaning of real happiness which is a simple breath of air, a simple look at the infinite sky, gathering fruits of the leafy trees, listen and enjoy the sound of the songs of the birds, and smile at life without margins, or paradigms, but simply to be happy without so much. But as did Adam and Eve when they came to the world without having that currently this new was to away almost in entirety people visit your forest and find true
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