Our Lady Of Victories Analysis

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a) The current Our Lady of Victories, Catholic Church of Glenelg was built in place of a previous church made in 1869. The present kirk was opened Sunday 20 November 1927 midday. The congregation of St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Glenelg has been around since 1931, with the current building built in 1961. St. Pauls have associated themselves with aiding those in the community with special needs. b) Both Churches of different denominations withhold important and sacred objects in their respective parishes. Our Lady of Victories utilizes the altar to represent the church as a place of consecration. It is utilized by Father Anthony to consecrate the church pression fully to the lord, facing the altar through the ceremony of Eucharist. Also paintings of Jesus are placed all around the building, with the stations of the cross, and a large, expensive painting of his birth. The tabernacle is a large, mostly marble, cabinet containing sacrament. St Paul’s withholds similar objects also including the an altar in their pressions. The size of their altar in relation to Our Lady of Victories is…show more content…
In the text “On the Bondage of the Will” written by Martin Luther in 1525, it explains the issues over human beings electing good or evil. Luther explains "there is no free will for humanity because any will they might have is overwhelmed by the influence of sin". He continues “people do not choose between good or evil, they may naturally be dominated by satanic evil”. This Lutheran belief is a principle which is on the contrary of the Christian faith, influencing those to pursue the good. Luther traditionally thought Christians tried to do good works and continually had to overcome temptation. St Pauls share the view with Christians of there being one God, but strongly believes there is no need for confessionals as God gives his forgiveness for
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