Our Oceans Are Turning Into Plastic Are We Summary

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“Our Oceans Are Turning into Plastic… Are We” “Our Oceans Are Turning into Plastic… Are We?” written by Susan Casey makes valid points about humans ruining our land we all call home. Captain Charles Moore traveled the sea more than he traveled on land. Moore had seen the most beautiful sights and the most horrifying sights. On the day August 3, 1997 is when Moore had seen the most devastating sight of plastic. The author had asked, “How did all the plastic end up here? How did the trash tsunami begin?” Awareness must be raised to inform people about the negative effects plastic has on the environment as well as those who live in it. Animals being effected by trash, such as plastic, ending up in the ocean, the forest, and neighborhood parks are being quickly wiped…show more content…
While glass is fully recyclable, plastic is not something we endlessly reuse. The triangle arrow that is on our plastic bottles is actually telling us the type of plastic it is made out of. There are a total of seven different plastics and only two of them, PET and HDPE, are recyclable. The author states, “only 3 to 5 percent of plastics are recycled in any way.” Products from jackets to carpeting is what more than half of our recycled plastic is used for. To recycle plastic one must use low temperatures. Since low temperatures are used residue is still left behind. If higher temperatures were used than toxins would be released. The truth is, plastic does not go away. Due to the negative effects caused from plastic it will always play a role in our environment. One hundred different chemicals have been created after the 1950s to the current day. Something people do not realize is that throwing a plastic wrapper on the ground will end up in a birds stomach, burning plastic in a fire will end up in the air we breathe, and recycling plastic will end up back in our homes. The author states, “I don’t even shop anymore. Anything I need will just float

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