Our Semi-Literate Youth Not As Fast Essay

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actually affects our brains and the way we use them. Many people would argue that technology has more cons than pros, however it’s quite the opposite. We use technology in our everyday lives and it helps us to gain more knowledge than we’ve ever been able to before. The technology we have today is one of the greatest advantages we could have. Andrea Lunsford, who wrote “Our Semi-Literate Youth? Not So Fast”, conducts her own study with a few colleagues to take notes on how students writing skills are changing. She decides to conduct another one twenty five years later to see how much the writing skills have changed since technology has been updated and became more available to students. She found that “students today are writing more than ever before.” Although we still have the same amount of writing errors as before, the patterns of errors are different. Many people argue that technology is only making our writing skill worse, this study helps to prove a different theory. Most of the errors made are the use of a wrong word. Lunsford believes “these wrong words come from the advice given by the …show more content…

Steven Pinker wrote “Mind over Mass Media” which tells of this claim is more false than true. Pinker reminds us that if technology was actually making us more stupid, then how are we scientifically better than ever before. Critics are believing that the mind is being shaped by everything it is seeing and hearing. The only problem here is the lack of self control people have when it comes to the distracting parts of the internet we use so often. People tend to find themselves reading tweets instead of articles now. The internet has made it so much easier to find new information, if only we wouldn 't get so sidetracked. There is no reason to get rid of the use of technology, but we need to find a way for us to discipline ourselves to only use it for our

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