Our Twisted Hero Analysis

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"Sometime 's good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay". This came from the TV show Suits, the quote reflexes the novella, Our Twisted Hero, by Yi Munyol. Om Sokdae is the antagonist in Our Twisted Hero. He made people suffer people like Han (protagonist who moved from Seoul South Korea). This suffering comes to an end when the new sixth grade teacher notices the suspicious activity of Om and decides to do something about it. Here 's why the teacher is the twisted hero. The teacher beat Om in front of the class, the teacher beat the cheaters in front of the class, and the teacher made the class confess. At the beginning of 6th grade the class voted for a class monitor and the teacher noticed it was a unanimous vote and decided to redo it. The class again voted for Om to which the teacher grew suspicious. The teacher caught Om right where he wanted after he got the results for the exam. " ' Om Sokdae with an average ninety-eight marks, first in the entire grade, the rest of you all outside the first ten in the grade. This is a puzzle I 'm going to solve…show more content…
After teaching the kids to stand up for them selves he wanted to hear more. " ' All we have discovered so far is that Sokdae and these boys switched papers. But that 's not enough. If we are to remake our class, we have to start with a clean slate. I am inclined to think that Sokdae is guilty of a lot more. Now I want you all in turn, beginning with number one, to tell us everything Sokdae did, or anything you 've suffered at Sokdae 's hands '" (96). The kids spoke about all the misdeeds Om has done if it was as little as stealing a pencil sharpener to giving Sokdae money even forcing some kids to lift girls skirts. But when it got to Han he didn 't say anything despite wanting to get Sokdae in trouble before. This more the hero side of it because a lot of those kids probably would have held onto their secrets for the rest of their lives but seeing Om weak right In front of them they
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