Our Zombies Ourselves James Parker Analysis

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Creatures that lurk in the dark, possess immortality, and prey on fear or lust, have been popular within the writing, cinema, and play industries for quite some time. In both “Our Zombies, Ourselves” by James Parker, and “Vampires Never Die” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, the popularity of both Vampires and Zombies is brought to light. As for which is most popular, that is left to the reader or moviegoer; some would say zombies, while others would root for the vampire. Regardless of popularity, both zombies and vampires remain embedded in pop culture as a way for people to escape reality, while allowing their imagination to ask the question, where and how each pandemic started. Both zombies and vampires started out as characters in the minds of storytellers, and have developed over time with the help of technology, science, and the human’s deep seated need to escape reality.
The legends of the vampire and the zombie began with in the imaginations of writers and has continued into present times taking on different shapes and characterizations, but the basis is still the same. “John William Polidori stitched together folklore, personal resentment and erotic anxieties into “The Vampyre,” a story that is the basis for vampires as they are understood today”
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Audiences of these two creatures wish to escape reality and enjoy the longing, or fear that the movies, books, or games invoke. Having started out as characters in the mind of a storyteller, these two creatures have become beloved characters in today’s culture with the help of technology and science. “Monsters will always provide the possibility of mystery in our mundane “reality show” lives, hinting at a larger spiritual world; for if there are demons in midst, there surely must be angels lurking nearby as well” (Del Toro and Hogan,
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