Out In The Everglades: A Short Story

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The poor thing. A fascinating tour our outback.I jumped on the big creature. The cold water in my face. My dress flying everywhere. The following, are some of my favorite memories. Picture 1: My Uncle taught us how to gut a fish. The sun was in our eyes as we all watch the horrifying lesson of the day. We were all fishing in the green mossy water. It was burning hot outside. As soon as we finished catching a lot of the slimy fish. My dad and my brother both wanted to have it for dinner. But, me and my mom along with my two sisters wanted to set them free in the crystal clear waters. So, my Uncle obviously chose my Dad’s and Tristan’s side, because he loved eating fish. He brought us all over to a little, grassy, itchy, spot. We were all so young we didn’t know what he was doing. So we watch him gut a fish. As he was showing us my older cousin, Honnalora, made a face in disgust. She was old enough to understand. So, he explained till the end, while we were hot and sweaty. Picture 2: Out in the Everglades. We walked into a place called Skunkape. We asked for a tour of the back. The owner came out and showed us to the animal tamer. He brought out back to the cool shaded area out in the backyard. He showed us all the scaly snakes, the drenched…show more content…
I jumped on the horse and the buzzing flies bothered me to death. I kept swatting and whacking so much the finally left me alone. when i started to walk the horse i could smell the sweaty saddle I was sitting on. With the me on the horse my grandma’s friend took me over to the empty field. He had to walk me with the splintery lead rope, as we walked along the tall dead, yellow, grass. Every time I stopped paying attention the horse would bring me slowly to the ground. I didn’t realize it till I the guy said, “ Don’t worry he’s just hungry.” I was so proud of myself to be getting on this huge

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