Out Of Africa Theory Essay

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The Out of Africa Theory
What proofs are there supporting the out of Africa Theory?

The origin of modern humans, Homo sapiens, is a very fervently debated issue in palaeontology and anthropology. Most palaeoanthropologists agree that hominins first evolved in Africa, but disagree on where Homo sapiens emerged. There are two theories regarding the origins of modern humans: they emerged in one place – Africa; or hominins spread out of Africa and became modern humans in other parts of the world.
The primary view, the Out of Africa theory, suggests that modern humans originated from a single source in Africa, which geographically, according to Professor Johanson (2001) of Arizona State University and discoverer of Lucy, includes the Middle East. According to this view, Homo erectus, migrated out of Africa, spread through Europe and Asia and evolved independently, sometimes even into different species such as Homo neanderthalensis. Homo sapiens evolved from African descendents of Homo ergaster about 195 000 years ago (Pickrell, 2006), and began migrating out of Africa and replacing all other hominin populations. Diverse groups of hominin species inhabited the world. There were Homo sapiens in Africa and the
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It was thought that this was because the colonial Homo sapiens interbred with the Homo erectus in Australia or because there was a second migration from Africa; both challenge the theory of a single, common origin of humans. New DNA research, conducted by Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Universities, confirms the Out of Africa Theory and shows that Australian Aborigines and the New Guineans sprang from the same small group of settlers. Both populations share genetic features linked with the Homo sapiens that emerged from Africa (University Of Cambridge,
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