Out Of Africa Theory

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Africa is a continent rich is history that has been exploited and ravaged for generation. While often times through a European lens Africa is viewed as a country that is lost and needs saving, many people refer to Africa as the Mother Land. Africa has earned the name the Mother Land because many people believe that Africa was where the first humans originated. Scholars have debated for years as to where mankind originated and there are a myriad of different theories from a number of scientist. The two most popular or heavily supported theories are the multiple regional theory and the out of African theory. Africa has also been home to numerous great civilizations The Out of Africa theory that many subscribe to believes that the first man developed…show more content…
The research came from the work of academics who found that an Australian Aboriginal population shared certain DNA characteristics of the Melanesians of New Guinean. Scholars examined the mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome DNA of Aboriginal Australians and their counterparts of New Guinea. They later looked at the DNA information they gathered and compared it with that of the early humans and found a number of similarities. After analyzing the data they found that the Aborigines and Melanesians have similar genetic make-up of the early humans who emerged from Africa centuries ago. Before this discovery there was little genetic evidence as to why the out of Africa theory was reputable. This discovery gave the evidence that was needed to validate the out of Africa theory and it is difficult to debate the theory with this scientific data. Another thing that validates this theory is the low amount if genetic variation amongst human across different races. This low variation amongst human genetic make-up suggests that our modern human species arrived from a small group of Homo sapiens. Academics hypothesize that the group was roughly 10,000 to 50,000 people. Another thing that supports the out of Africa theory is the higher genetic variation in Africans. The fact that Africans display a higher genetic…show more content…
Ancient Egypt also known as Kemet was an ancient civilization along the Nile River in Northeastern Africa. Africa Is also home to the Nubian people which have a close relationship with ancient Egypt. Kemet conquered several Nubian territory and made them a part of the Egyptian villages and city states. The Nubians later conquered Egypt during the 25th dynasty. However, relations between the two peoples also show peaceful cultural interchange and cooperation, including mixed marriages. Egypt became a dynasty in about 3300 BCE. During the pre-dynastic period Egypt was divided into an upper and lower Egypt. It wasn’t until the great pharaoh Aha also referred to as Menes brought about unification. After the unification of Egypt the civilization became and empire in 3100 BCE and between then and 2700 BCE was time period known and the early dynastic period. The early dynastic period there was the emergence of two separate dynasties. Later emerged the Old Kingdom which lasted until 2200 BCE this era is famous for the beginning of pyramid building. The most famous pyramid was the Pyramid of Gyza which was built Khufu established the basic framework for many pyramids to come. The Kemet civilization was depended upon the flood seasons for their irrigation system. The Old Kingdom ended due to a lack of floods. The people of Kemet went through a time of turmoil after this period before the Middle Kingdom which emerged in 2050
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