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ECS 100 Out-of-Class Participation Reflection Paper This is my last and only paper of my ECS 100 course, and I would talk about the two activities that I participated out-of- class during this semester. Now I feel that I have made the right choice in choosing to take these two activities, because I have learned much which I could not study in the classroom.
The first one I participated is the Westcott Street Cultural Fair. I have a couple reasons that why I choose this activity. First, I would be a volunteer and I am willing to be a helpful member during the event. Second, by comparing to the other activities, such as calculus reviewing, it would be much fun to attend the cultural fair. Third, because it is the cultural, I could see a lot
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First of all, I know that there is an amazing street near the university. Hahaha…… In fact, there are a lot of good restaurants and stores set on the street. I believe I can find some good food during the free time, if I do have. Then I learned that how to service visitors by showing the direction of the parking lot to them.
What did I learn about others by participating the cultural fair? From the leaders of volunteers group, I learned that it is not easy to hold such a big activity, our group leaders had to walk around all the time, they would walk to the stage to check the show preparation, they would come to my place to make sure the road situation, they need to go to parking lot and check the parking situation. And if someone call them for any reason, they need to go to the place as soon as possible. They worked hard, they are very responsible. I hope I could study from them and get some leadership experience in the future.
Then the best part of the activity is the certification which I got after the volunteering. This is the first activity certification since I come to Syracuse University. I was so excited when I hold it in my hands. I felt proud of myself, I contributed to this amazing fair and the certification is the best gift to

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