Out Of My Mind Character Analysis

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Unit Two: Novel Study

NOVEL: Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

YOUR NAME: Alex Cervera Arriaga

Main Character List
Make a note of each significant character you come across as you read. Provide a brief description of them in order to make sure they are memorable.
Character Name

Melody’s mother likes classical music hates Dr. Hugely
Gives birth to Penny, Melody’s little sister

Mrs V.

takes care of Melody after school adds words to Melody’s word board and Medi-talker wears big flowing dresses with lots of colours

Melody’s dad

likes jazz treats Melody like if she was an adult


Has cerebral palsy is very smart joins Quiz team sees songs as colours

Melody’s little sister
Carries toy called Doodle
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Melody searches for something that will let her speak, and finds a Medi-talker. She puts vocabulary in very often and calls it ‘Elvira’ after her favorite song. Melody aces a small test for a taste of being in the quiz team, but feels bad about it. She studies very hard for the next few weeks. I predict that Melody will have a bad time at the Whiz Kids show while competing. I think she will want to hide in H-5 forever for failing the Whiz kids tournament.
Chap 21 to the end of chap 26
Melody takes a qualification test and gets into the regional quiz team. The quiz team compete against Woodland Elementary and the score was 77 to 81 and then went against Perry Valley with a score of 86 to 85. Many people interviewed the quiz team. They are going to Washington D.C. The team go celebrate at a restaurant
I think a tragedy will happen when they get to Washington D.C. not allowing them to compete.
Chap 27 to the end of the book
Melody finds out that the team goes to Washington without her. The team gets ninth place in the competition. Penny breaks her leg badly when Melody’s car runs over
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