Out Of My Mind Stylistic Analysis

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Imagine if you could remember everything that you ever saw. Everything that you ever heard. Everything. Now imagine having your words taken away. You have no outlet for all the thoughts going on in your brain. This is how Melody feels from the book "Out of My Mind" by Sharon Draper. Melody has Cerebral Palsy. She has a hard time doing simple tasks such as talking or sitting up. Tasks that most of us don't think about as being hard. Melody goes to Spaulding Street Elementary School. She and the other kids with disabilities are in room H-5. The kids in room H-5 have been through many teachers. In chapter 7 of "Out of My Mind", Melody describes each of her teachers from Kindergarten thru third-grade. She very specifically talks about her second-grade…show more content…
Tracy and Mrs. Billups were two very different teachers. Mrs. Tracy took the time to get to know her students as individuals. A great example of this is when she figures out that Melody likes to read. She knew that Melody couldn't hold a book so she found a pair of earbuds and got Melody some audiobooks on CD. When she gave Melody some books for younger children, Melody threw them on the floor. Rather than getting upset with Melody, Mrs. Tracy gave Melody some higher-level books. In order to help Melody get the most out of the books, Mrs. Tracy would ask Melody questions after she finished a book. This shows us that Mrs. Tracy also tried to challenge her students because she knew that they were smart. On the other end of the spectrum, there is Mrs. Billups. She assumed all of the students were mentally incapable just because they had physical limitations. In February of Melody's third-grade year, Mrs. Billups was still going over the sound of the letter B. Melody got very upset with this and had what she likes to call a "tornado explosion". Mrs. Billups called Melody's mom and Melody's mom came to school. Mrs. Billups had the audacity to tell Melody's mom that that she only teaches the basics to "these" children because they cannot retain information. Melody's mom proceeded to verbally discipline Mrs. Billups. After spring break, Mrs. Billups quit her
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