Out Of Slade House Character Analysis

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Within the winding, bustling and twisted world of Sladehouse, lies a nebbish and awkward boy named Jonah Bishop. However, just as the rest of the characters in Sladehouse, he longs of what he doesn’t have, most notably: Acceptance. Jonah has a luculent longing for acceptance and friendship as expressed many times, including on page 19. To elaborate, as Jonah sits in silence next to his new-found friend Nathan, he mulls over the typical reactions he gets from his peers; more often than not, he is bullied, ostracized and tormented by the kids he knows from school about his interests. In contrast, Nathan does not mind his quirky, out of the box interests which is astonishing to Jonah. Jonah longs for acceptance and within Sladehouse, he finds it within Nathan. He is lured through the acceptance and friendship he usually never experiences. Just as all the other characters, Jonah longs for what Sladehouse offers because it is what he lacks.
It seems as though just as Gordon’s marital troubles had peaked, widowed Chloe seemed to appear out of thin air. She is timid, coy, vulnerable and conveniently available. Not to mention, she lives seemingly alone in a beautiful house with a breathtaking garden. On the contrary, Gordon lives in a rickety apartment which sounds just as ominous and forlorn as does it sound unclean. This
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Main character Sally by all means is an insecure and mildly awkward teenaged girl who has happened upon a paranormal enthusiast club. Within this club, Sally meets a boy named Todd who she becomes almost immediately infatuated with. The reader can soon see what she longs for is love and romance. Sally wants love (specifically Todds’) so desperately she would want to change herself to become more appealing to him. She doesn’t have Todds’ affection, so she badly wants it. Given these points, it is clear that she is another Sladehouse character who lusts over the things she doesn’t
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