Out Of The Blue Poem Analysis

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Conflict is a big theme and many poems and texts have been written on this topic, but two of the most well done and most expressive poems about this topics are “Out of the Blue” and “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. Even though the topic is the same the two authors, Simon Armitage and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, present the theme with different approaches, one about the innocent, one about the ones that chose to get involved In the conflict. The first poem, “Out of the blue”, is about the terrorist acts on 9/11 and the position that the ordinary people were putting in. The people that have been caught in the two towers were ordinary people going to their jobs and doing their daily routines and they were definitely not expecting what happened. The poem is narrated by the voice of the dead. The text is related in a very personal manner, the poem being…show more content…
For example in stanza five there are two rhyming triplets. The tone of the poem also changes accordingly to the action in the poem, the rhyme, rhythm and measure. At first skeptical, almost discouraging, but after it gains hope. At a point that hope shatters and the tone becomes grave and sorrow. The poem as well as the charge end quietly in a plain stanza, the last stanza which different but still inspirational. The major difference between the two poems is that in “The Charge of the Light Brigade” the protagonists were soldiers they knew the risks and the fact that they could die but they still did it even though they had a choice. In “Out of the Blue” the people trapped in the building were normal people, people that were not prepared for death, which did the same thing as every single day but still something horrible happened. Even though the main theme of both of them is conflict, the two authors present it in a different manner, according to the different situation of the people and to the context of their
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