Out Of The Cold: A Reflection On Volunteering

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The Reflection Over the course of the time I spent volunteering for Out Of The Cold, I feel that I have learnt many things. I feel that the time I spent volunteering helps me to live the life that God wants us to live. In the Bible, I have seen many messages about how God wants us to live. But the most prominent one would probably be to treat others the way you would like to be treated. I feel that helping the people who cannot help themselves is a perfect example of this. If I was homeless or struggling with a problem, I would want someone to help me.

I feel that this experience has helped me to learn and better understand the values of the Gospel. I have experienced what it means to be charitable and loving. Also, I have seen people in need who are filled with gratitude. I have learned that even things like feeding someone a light meal or giving them a place to stay, has a dramatic effect on the people you help. Even though I only did a little bit of work, setting up tables and silverware,I think that this experience helped me understand the importance of the values the Gospel encourages. I have seen how the effect of practicing those values helps other people. I think that service experience brought about some justice. Before, the homeless men and women would probably be living on the streets by themselves without anyone to talk to or food
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I 've learned that being a disciple means to serve all others with love and respect. I feel that from this experience, I now better understand what it means to treat everyone equally. That even though some people are less fortunate, in the eyes of God, we are all his creations. Just because we are luckier than some other people and have more money, we were all created equal. So I believe that those who are able to do more should help those who cannot help theselves, as disciples of
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