Out Of The Dust Book Report

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Out Of The Dust

Out Of The Dust is a really good book. In fact probably one of my favorites, Not because the pages are short but because how detailed everything is, making it to where you almost feel like you’re actually there with them.

The story is about a Young girl named BillIe Jo who is fairly poor, living with her mom and dad and soon to be little brother, in the setting time period of the early 1920’s, with a huge dust storm coming their way. The reason her name is Billie Jo, is because her dad wanted a little boy, instead he got a long-legged girl with a wide mouth and cheekbones like bicycle handles, A red headed, freckled-faced, narrow hipped girl with a liking for apples and a talent for playing piano. But although she is a girl, she acts, looks, and has the ways of a boy. Her father had given up on a boy when billie turned nine, He tried dealing with her and making do, She looks just like
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Her mother died that day, giving birth to Billie’s brother. And unfortunately he died to. They all blamed it on Billie, not her father who left the kerosene pail there in the first place, who left billie and her ma to fend for themselve.

The dust was getting worse and worse, Everything was all dried up, crops were growing bad, piles and piles of dust filled up like snow, people were trapped and stuck in there homes or outside that is, animals were dying off. It was just a rough and bad time. After what seemed like forever and all lost hope,it started to rain and was washing away all the dust. Everything started to grow again and all was well. Billie’s dad found a nice lady that cared for them he name was louise, billie took a liking to louise and thought of her like her own mom, and soon and eventually she would learn to forgive her

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