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Out of the Silent Planet What is virtue? Merriam-Webster defines virtue as morally good behavior or character. So how does one become truly virtuous? Must they simply avoid evil or morally wrong behavior? Or must virtue be an active choice? In C.S. Lewis' classic sci-fi novel, Out of the Silent Planet, Dr. Ransom, a philologist, is kidnapped by two scientists and transported with them to the distant planet Malacandra. Soon after landing, Ransom flees for his life as large aliens approach the clearing in which the scientists have pitched their camp. During his time in hiding, Ransom lives with a friendly species of alien where he learns some of the native dialect. Eventually he meets the ruler of Malacandra and experiences a vastly different and more harmonious world than Earth. Ransom, albeit unknowingly, answers the questions posed about virtue in three separate incidents.…show more content…
While in the somewhat capital city of Malacandra, Meldilorn, Ransom observes interesting sculptures and carvings depicting the history of the world. Working on a similar structure nearby is a creature known as a pfifltrigg. Once it realizes that Ransom is in the immediate vicinity, the oddly named being directs Ransom to stand in a particular spot. Then the pfifltrigg proceeds to sketch the human into one of the stone surfaces. Ransom could have easily and politely declined to stand for a sculpture and not have been doing any evil. In fact, the polite refusal probably would not come as a shock or rude behavior to the sculpture, simply a reluctance that is not odd when one visits a strange place. Instead, Ransom decided to please the pfifltrigg and pose for his portrait. This act displayed kindness and politeness, both of which are good character traits, a key part of the definition of virtue. Ransom actively chose to exhibit virtuous traits towards the sculpting

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