Out Of Thin Air: A Short Story

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Out of Thin Air April: Today has marked four weeks since Ember has gone missing. Ever since that day, it has been cold, rainy, and gloomy. The town is small, and remote, I just do not know where she could have gone. People in this town are normal, for the most part, except for Box street, which is the only creepy part in town. They have five abandoned houses on the street that no one dares to go near. There are rumors that late at night people hear voices coming through the thin old walls. Another creepy place in the town is the woods. No people have ever set a foot in the dark woods for ten years because of the horrifying stories that have become of it. Grey: Four weeks. It has been four weeks since my younger sister, Ember, has gone missing.…show more content…
It won’t be hard because it has been done many times before. The plan is to just walk towards school until their car passes me and is out of sight, then I’ll just turn around and cut through the woods to get home so no one can see me. It is dangerous going through the woods alone, but it has to be done, something is going to happen, I feel it, but don’t know what it is. April: I’ll probably go and follow my brother this morning, I know what his plan is when he is ditching. He never sees me in the morning because I usually leave earlier than him. This morning all I have to do is stay upstairs until he leaves, and then I’ll follow him from a distance. My parents will just think I am running late, and he’ll think I already left. Grey: Alright, I have made it to the woods and it is cold, mysterious, and dense with fog. The sight distance is only about ten feet. Hearing the creaking of the trees as the wind blows against them is very scary, i repetitively tell myself it is the trees and nothing else. It’s just the trees, just trees. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a person, so I walked faster and kept my head down. I just have to keep telling myself that the figure is a tree, just a tree. All I could think of are the dangers and consequences that I could be facing right now. Then I heard a…show more content…
In sync, April and I yelled with joy and gave Ember hugs. We also introduced ourselves to her little, dirty friend. Her name was Nora, and they met each other in the woods and apparently made their way to Nora’s house, which she did not give a location to, for about two weeks. To me, it doesn't seem right that Ember would walk alone with a girl she just met in the woods. April: I am overjoyed to see my sister again, but it is very odd of her to go to a “friend’s” house for two weeks and not tell anyone she was leaving. We tried to get them to take us to Nora’s house, but Nora did not give a location to her house. Not even any details about her family or what town she lives in. 2 months later Grey: We have since contacted the police, and some detectives to find out where Nora is from. They said that she has no records, and no one has reported a missing girl named Nora anywhere around here. When we went to get Nora to try to finally get some answers out of her, she was gone. April: Nora was gone. She was not in her makeshift room in the basement, and Ember did not know where she had gone. It is almost like she disappeared out of thin air. It is very easy to tell when Ember is upset, even though she never admits it. She isn’t talking, smiling, or laughing. I can just tell she is devastated that the girl she befriended is long, long
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