Outbound Tourism Essay

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(a) Inbound Tourism Most of the travel companies are in private sectors and their main objectives is to earn profit; in spite of this they play a key role in the promotion and development of international tourism. In India about 50 percent the established travel companies handle foreign tourists and other visitors make their own independent arrangements. (b) Outbound Tourism Since the deregulations of air industry the outbound tourism has been increasing rapidly. Today outbound tourist traffic is growing thing at rate of 10 percent. This indicates that India is the second largest county in outbound tourism. The major outbound destinations are Europe, UK, Southeast Asia, Greece, and East Asia, USA, Egypt and Australia. The fun tours of TCI are the Evidence of quality inclusive outbound package that generally include deluxe class accommodation…show more content…
In fact they are contributing to the causes of national instigation. (d) Employment Generation No other sector of Indian economy has generated huge employment opportunities like the travel and tourism industry. The travel industry employees over 25000 people directly and thousands of indirectly in India. The world travel and tourism council forecasts that during the next decade more than 10 million jobs will be created by travel and tourism industry along across the world economy. (e) Earning of Foreign Currency The foreign exchange brought to India by the travel companies is a vital contribution toward the national economy. It is a major factor on India Balance of payment position. Therefore the government has taken various steps either through collaboration or through their own tourist offices abroad, to maximize the tourist

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