Outcasts United Reaction Paper

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Introduction My biggest take away from Outcasts United would have to be the story of Beatrice Ziaty. Having to leave your home because your country is at war is a very difficult and empowering situation. Despite that your country is at war, mobbing to a different country is hard enough. The three of them were forced to adapt to an environment where they felt so threatened that Beatrice had to tell her sons to stay inside so the cops wouldn’t take them away. It is devastating to read about her two sons and what they had to go through at a young age. Beatrice did not know the amount of success that would come to Jeremiah after he joined the Under 13 soccer team. I found two major themes in Outcasts United that consisted of teamwork, and self-efficacy. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. I learned this from my marching band in high school. We would have serious competitions to put on an amazing show. Everything needed to be there in terms of how well you marched, the balance of sound, and the choreography on the field. Everything was held to very high standards and it required all of us to push each other to the next limit. At the end of every practice my band director would say, “You can only move forward from…show more content…
Considering the fact that it is a true story, the story touches base with my levels of motivation, emotion, and seeing my true potential. Outcasts United has made me realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to attend college, and thankfully I have found a way to pay for it. I did not come from out of the country because my home was at war. I did not have to face the types of intense struggles that the refugees did. The fact that I was given such a great opportunity, will motivate me to academically perform to the best of my ability. I will reflect back to his book to fuel my success as a UCF student when I am faced with a
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