Outer Banks Failure

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Due to erosion, there has been a lot of residential impact made on the Outer Banks. For example, the highways keep eroding away and getting rebuilt over and over and storms are not helping, because during storms it starts to flood and wash the roads away (Rising Seas: Will the Outer Banks Survive?). As the erosion increases it shrinks the island, creating less space for a highway to be there or to be built (Rebuilding N.C. 12 Threatens Outer Banks ' Existence). Over time NCDT has been trying to rebuild the Bonner Bridge for 23 years now but with the storms and erosion it has been delayed. Residents of Hatteras even said “that as children people built their structures as far away from the beach as possible” however with the rising sea levels and erosion has caused them to get closer and closer to the ocean. (Rebuilding N.C. 12 Threatens Outer Banks '…show more content…
A resident at the Outer Banks that is the owner of the Cape Hatteras Motel in Buxton, on Hatteras Island has said that “Over the years, she has watched the ocean eat closer to her buildings” she also said “our property line is about where that wave is cresting" as she said this she was gesturing toward a point about 500 feet out in the water (Rising Seas: Will the Outer Banks
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