Outlaw In The Film 'All Souls'

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Outlaw Essay An outlaw is someone who lives outside the law. They are people who refuse to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group. In “All Souls” Frankie is the outlaw because he does not rat out Kevin. He defied the cops when he lied to them saying that the gun and drugs were his. He does this because he hates the cops and him lying to the cops gives him a sense of defiance. The American society feels drawn to outlaws because outlaws proceed to make decisions and actions that the average joe would love to do, if only he had the courage. Siding with an Outlaw makes people feel like rebels. This is why Americans sometimes root for the outlaw because when doing so they start to feel like an outlaw themselves. The film “Boondock Saints” shows how an outlaw can draw a community to them. In the movie two extremely religions brothers from Boston received a message from “God” telling them to hunt down wicked men so that the innocent will flourish. The brothers preserved “God’s” message as they should kill all the evil men in their city. As they go on their killing spree the citizens become drawn to them. Most of the public agreed with what the Saints were doing. The public knew how their city was corrupt and they would love to do something about the problem, but…show more content…
Robin Hood is one of the most famous outlaws of all time. Even though Robin Hood was in England, American society has been drawn to him to this very day. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. He gained followers by causing grief to those in authority over the poor. Robin’s heroic acts inspire people to help each other out. They show people that sometimes doing the wrong thing and be the right thing. They give people the thrill of going against the government but also makes people feel good about themselves by helping someone in need out. The tale of Robin Hood thrills American about being an
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