Outliers Book Report

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“Achievement is talent plus preparation” (38) as Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers puts it. Gladwell wrote this book on behalf of the cultivated community. The intended audience is very evident for the reason that readers must appreciate the book. In order to do so, readers must have either gone through the many ups and downs to reach success, missed out on chances given, or just have the ability to recognize that they need to take every opportunity ahead of them. Gladwell wrote this book for numerous reasons. However, the main motive is merely to inform readers how and why success comes so effortlessly to some but then does not come at all for others. Those among us who are packed with key factors such as attentiveness, self-sacrifice,…show more content…
Hockey, in general, is only a small portion to a very in depth research. Gladwell used a hyperbole in several different occasions to persuade us that what he was asserting was undeniably a major reason that outliers are merely born superior. Gladwell`s key illustration with hockey is that children born in the early months such as January, February and March will not only be the most successful, but the only children to grow successful. Statistics show that children born in the earlier months have a head start to virtually everything, being that they are the least bit older than those born in later months. Although there is data showing that it could very well be, I am not completely convinced that this is precisely why some people are considered outliers. What it comes down to is that everybody is born different. Many children are born with the ability to comprehend tasks easily while some do not. Just as some offspring will be born larger and stronger than others. The reason for the creation of outliers certainly is not as simple as the month they were born. However, Gladwell continues to proceed with the idea of birthdates when he insists that more time and effort is also put into those who are born with advantages due to the belief that they have the best chances to be prosperous. This…show more content…
The second section of this book is based on legacy and begins with a story about culture of honor in a small town in Kentucky called Harlan. The Howards and the Turners happened to be the founding families in Harlan. However, the two families had stern issues with each other. Reason being that herders in the Appalachians were obligated to migrate their livestock and protect their animals at all times due to easy access. This position that they were put in caused aggression. Soon enough, things went from bad to worse with the relatives ending with dozens of people dead. Turns out, situations like this similarly occurred in many other small villages which all portrayed an assertive heritage. Years later, Dov Cohen and Richard Nisbett directed an experiment on the culture of honor with a rather small group of eighteen to twenty year old men. The two psychologists did various actions to the men to determine what made them angry and at what rate. Half the men were not bothered by any of the actions while the other half exploded with anger. Cohen and Nisbett came to the conclusion that the Northerners were the control group while the Southerners by contrast, would act negatively upon insults as part of their culture of honor. Even to this day, our ancestors and where we come from continuously impact us and our
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