Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Reflection

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Outliers, written by Malcolm Gladwell, is an informational book regarding the intricacies of success and how it comes to fruition in individuals. Outliers has served to teach students the means of being successful and the importance of seizing opportunities as they come. Personally, Outliers has changed my views of success in numerous ways. Before reading said book, I had always assumed people who were naturally talented or had specific privileges were the only ones who could get far. However, Gladwell’s writing has informed me that anyone, if they are prepared to work hard, can reach their goals. Learning Frameworks itself has offered myself and many others a jumping off point for the looming workload of college. I feel more prepared and motivated than ever to excel in my courses. Typically, I hold myself up to the average standard in my classes. I wish to take more initiative in my endeavors, but am somewhat unwilling to put in both the time and attention. It is a problem I have been working to fix. I feel most successful in my art, mostly outside the classroom where I can improve on the tidbits I prefer. Artwork is something personal I do better when working …show more content…

This class has taught me much, most of which I will be implementing into my schooling and career. One of the top methods, for me, is time management. I am admittedly terrible about procrastinating where it would be in my favor to work ahead. This leads to stress and less quality final work. I have been better about working in segments with short breaks in between, rather than all at once the night before the due date. My note taking has also improved with the methods i have been instructed in. If my friends or others desire it, I will assist them in bettering their study habits as well. It is better for us all in the long run. I am hoping to keep these, and other practices, in memory when taking future classes and in improving my

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