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Name: Syed Saheemuddin Topic: Bullying Thesis Statement: Bullying has long been a practice witnessed in schoolyards and classrooms across the country. To varying degrees, bullying has been proven to cause anxiety and depression in teens. Today's generation of teenagers, however, experience a heightened sense of fear due to increases in violent bullying behavior Background: Bullying is most common way if showing hatred toward others in today's society. family genetics play a big part because the type of behavior a child is raised upon, most likely he will end up doing the same things. Million of students are being bullied each each and becoming bullies each year because of their ramifications according to the statistics by American medical association.…show more content…
people copy others to be like them and they do it in a form of bullying. People bully in an environment where there is negative attitude, inappropriate conditions an poor behavior. Internets presence leads to higher suicidal rates because of cyberbullying. Cause 2: Some bullies don’t realize their hurtful comments or actions , in which they lack empathy toward their targets. People bully intentionally and unintentionally because they don't know how hurtful their words or behavior will be to others. usually bullies don’t have long term problems. People who don't fit into the normal category according to their gender are often picked on alot. When people don't feel supported by others they devalue themselves and start bullying A child's behavior reflects on how good they are taught as infants and how well they can tolerate certain things. When they are degraded or hear inappropriate comments they catch up and follow the same thing. Cause 3: Bullies have Family problems, where parents don’t teach their children what’s good and bad in which they express in a way of degrading people in order to evade their social

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