Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay

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Arturo Munoz 12B Lang Lit Written task 2 Chronicle Of A Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Written task Outline: Prescribed question: How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Introduction: Basic background information on the book Chronicle of a death foretold, information such as the setting and timeline of the book inorder to have an idea about the place Body: Representation of women in their society Masculinity, the masculine culture present or evident in the small town particularly in the Vicario brothers which again shows a great difference between men and women. Conclusion: - Go back to the main points stated in the body and will answer the question How and why is a social group represented in…show more content…
The novel is based on the main character Angela Vicario, Angela being based on a small town in Columbia is subjected to numerous Cultural expectations which are seen in the novel. In the novel women are seen as a prize which men win, this is evident in Angela’s case where Angela is simply seen as a prize to win by Bayardo San Roman. Bayardo doesn’t even attempt to court Angela but would rather uses his wealth and riches to ultimately win over Angela’s family particularly her mother not Angela herself. This is seen in the novel where it is seen that Angela doesn’t really love Bayardo but rather is somewhat forced by her family particularly her mother. Women are also portrayed as of lower class compared to men this is seen when San Bayardo realizes that Angela is no longer a virgin when he “won” her. Bayardo eventually decides to abandon Angela and she comes back to her family only to find out that she “dishonored” her family and her mother beats her as a consequence of the loss of her virginity. Surprisingly despite everything that happened Bayardo is seen as the victim in the novel further showing the class difference between men and women in that
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