Outline For Flowers For Algernon

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“Flowers for Algernon” Persuasive Essay

Did you know that 2% of the world population has a low I.Q. of 68 or less? If you got the chance to improve your I.Q. would you? Charlie Gordon got that chance! In the sci-fi story, “Flowers for Algernon” Charlie Gordon is a mentally challenged man, with a low I.Q. of 68. Charlie wanted to learn and be smart, but his disability won 't let him, therefore some doctors come in and talk to Charlie and sees that he wants to learn so they give him a chance. They put him through a surgery to get artificial intelligence, which will triple his I.Q. Charlie Gordon 's life was a lot better after the surgery. Charlie 's I.Q. skyrocketed, he finally felt true emotion, and contributed to science.
Charlie 's I.Q. skyrocketed after the surgery. It went from a 68 to a super high 204 only 2% of the world population has an I.Q. has an I.Q. of 130 or higher. Charlie was unaware of what an I.Q. is but he knows that soon he 's
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Charlie finally did something with his life, he contributed to science. Charlie discovered the AlgernonGordon effect, that the artificial intelligence is a failure. As a result he 's going to regress at the same rate he progressed. “Under separate cover I am sending you a copy of my report entitled Algernon/Gordon effect” (Keyes 239) This quote shows that Charlie discovered that it was a failure and sent it to his doctors. Charlie discovered that the operation was only temporary which means he contributed to science.
Readers may argue that charlie 's surgery was a bad idea. Charlie being smart was only temporary. However, in the time period that he was smart he developed new feelings such as love, anger, and hate. “... I was angry at first when Dr. Strauss told me I was giving Dr. Nemer a complex.” (Keyes 236) During this time period Charlie was smarter than his doctors. Charlie didn 't understand the effects. Therefore,if he did,he wouldn 't had the surgery done and contributed to science with the
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