Outline For Free Will Essay

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Thesis statement: Free will can not be defined as woodness or goodness and free will only can be changed by people themselves.
Aspects: I will focus on these aspects
1.Free will can not be defined as woodness or goodness Free will is one of the most important psychological characteristics, which is demonstrated by the mode of adaptation to people or to the environment, what’s more, human being good by nature. So its can not be defined as woodness or goodness. In the burgess’s novel, the free will of protagonist Alex influence by environment. He is a pure baby when he was born but he lives in an dystopian world, then the environment change Alex, furthermore the novel’s world have thousands teenagers seem like Alex, he is just one of normal teenagers. These are why we can not drew his free will is bad. If the novel set in a world of Utopia, compare Ale’s free will with Utopia’s social environment we can conclude that Alex’s free will is bad.
2. Free will only can be changed by people themselves
In the novel, firstly, Alex was put in prison because killed a woman. In the prison, Alex didn't change and he still keen on violence. However, Alex knows how to chime in with guard and how to make prison chaplain happy. He just want to get out from prison earlier to do the violent thing.
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I can’t deny that Alex’s behavior changed, he will do not do the dad things anymore. But it is not mean that his free will has been changed. He want to do it from heart but the physical abuse drive him to do not do it, he is just a clock-work orange. Furthermore, Ludovico’s Technique also have some negative influence. For example, Alex is a big fan of Beethoven and keen on the classical music , this is an elegant and a well hobby, however, after treating he fell sick when he listen this kinds of music because the background music play during
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