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Topic Sentence: Little Piece of Information: In the morning of December 7, 1941, Japan surprised America by bombing a US Naval Base, known as Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii. Many Americans were wounded, killed, and devastated at this act of terrorism on their land. Therefore, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and many citizens knew they had to join the Allies and fight back all that was destroyed (Davidson and Stoff 811). Thesis: A defining moment of World War II (1939-1945) for the United States was Pearl Harbor because it affected the economy and military of the United States and also changed the perspective on joining the war. Topic Sentence: Summary: This came as a shock to many people across the world and is ultimately why the United States joined World War II (Davidson and Stoff 811). Before Pearl Harbor occurred, America had established an act to help other countries in war, Lend-Lease Act. Once the war started, the Lend-Lease Act was passed to help supply countries, especially Great Britain, with machinery, weaponry, and money when…show more content…
The United States joined World War II after the Pearl Harbor attack because they were a specific target and therefore needed to fight back. Thus, America started to get back on its feet after being in the Great Depression for ten years. Many men went off to fight in the war and those who didn’t, usually were providing machinery, weaponry, and clothing in factories. Now, more and more companies/factories were desperate for any person who didn’t have a job (Ferrara). Mexican Americans had the Bracero Act, which was for Mexicans to migrate to America and become farmers, to supply food, and in return they were provided basic rights and a minimum wage of 30 cents per hour. For women, they were finally given some rights to join the armed forces and new jobs that were originally only given to men (History.com
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