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I. Introduction ` A. Thesis: In his novel The Stranger, Camus uses motif of death and isolation to show his philosophical viewpoints which includes the theme of the universe being irrational and life being meaningless. II. Camus illustrates his critical observation of death by demonstrating it through the main character Meursault, who shows human existence has no logical meaning and people aiming to produce reasons as to why life is significant. III In the beginning of the story it starts off with Meursault receiving a telegram that his mother had passed …show more content…

Aside from the sun, the issue is also focused on how many times Meursault shoots him, which is not once but, “I fired four shots more into the inert body, on which they left no visible trace. And each successive shot was another loud, fateful rap on the door of my undoing” (Camus 39). The court tries to connect this shooting with his mother’s death and attempts to say there are psychological problems. However, he is not remorseful of his crime even after knowing he was going to prison. This behavior is deemed as irrational and detachment from mankind, but Meursault himself inadequate to feeling emotion appears indifferent to the whole …show more content…

C. The very last death Meursault is associated with is his own where he discovers the “truth” that life is meaningless. Many aspects lead to this viewpoint including his run in with the chaplain who challenges his absurdist philosophy with religion. The chaplain asks him, “Have you no hope at all? And do you really live with the thought that when you die, you die, and nothing remains?", Meursault replies with "Yes" (Camus, ). The prison chaplain embodies exactly what Meursault rejects: a non physical relationship with the the world and with human beings, a passive submission to the injustices of God and society, and a dogmatic faith in a better life in the future. This further indicates Meursault does not rely on anything external and is content with living in the present knowing everybody’s life will come to an end. He does not seek for an afterlife or a God much like the chaplain and society who is trying to find logic in every wrong doing or

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