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Johnson, Charles. Middle Passage. Scribner, 1990
The story “the Middle Passage” by Charles Johnson set in 1830 is a narrative of a period described by transportation of human African shipment across space and time to America. The novel gives details of the commencement of colonial government, and traversing the globe to Africa and back to America. Johnson 's novel is centered on the passage 's narrator Rutherford Calhoun who is confined temporarily to a space "in-between" the Allmuseri (highly prized slaves) and the ship 's crew, in-between the divisions of the ship 's crew and finally in-between generations of African Americans. Rutherford, a southern Illinoisan Negro freedman, leaves New Orleans on The Republic, African-bound ship, to escape from cutthroat creditors and his girlfriend. The ship bound for Senegambia conducts trade in goods, slaves and its captain Ebenezer Falcon is focused to establish his own republic separate from the ruling world powers. The transatlantic journey is a difficult one, on an ill-equipped ship in which the author explores the psyche of the men occupying each other’s space in the unfavorable conditions. The author presents that psyche of the black man (Calhoun), his white counterpart, and the new world slaves. The author maneuvers between the borders give novel the title ‘Middle Passage.”
Calhoun 's middleness between the Allmuseri and the crew signifies the uncharted space between white and black, America and Africa. The

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