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A. Lead-in: Just as adrenaline had rushed through your body as you committed crimes worthy of countless years in jail. A stronger, more consuming feeling of fear pierces at the heart, which once felt pumped pure and fiery blood has now become frozen. The tears that once got you everything you wanted as child are no longer useful. The eyes of everyone in the room glaring at you and your petty crimes send shivers down your back and tears down your cold cheeks. Then, the judge towering over your head once again begins pounding his gavel over and over again making echoes that travel from each corner in the room into your ears. Without understanding what has happened, you see your mother crying behind you in your father’s arms, and then you hear…show more content…
Thesis: Even though adult court systems can teach young criminals the true consequences of their actions better than juvenile faculties, juvenile facilities positively impact their lives by providing them with safety, giving them more attention through the use of rehabilitation methods and deterring children from crime. II. Body: A. Background Info: Within the court system, there lie two divisions –the adult court system and the juvenile court system. In the juvenile court system, most cases are dealt with through the use of rehabilitation methods by changing the child’s lifestyle. ii. Because this quote states statistics on the U.S.’s convicts of minors in adult courts, one can say that the United States can be proven immoral with the laws of other countries, which state that charging minors as adults is illegal. Thus, allowing for the questioning of how America treats its minors unfairly in the court of…show more content…
This quote talks about the number one way court systems chose to handle delinquents, which one can use to describe the juvenile court system and its punishments. One can also correlate this quote with the other one above, which talks about how juvenile systems work primarily with the idea of family. This quote enables one to prove that jail time only makes a child more likely to turn to criminal activities. Thus, allowing for one to prove a rebuttal wrong in saying prison teaches a child a lesson, which needs to learned and corrected. When in reality, adult prisons teach a child how to commit more crimes by turning their backs against the court systems. Through many statistics, is it a proven fact that juvenile faculties help in deterring minors away from criminal behaviors, which allows for a more productive future. ii. This quote demonstrates that through the use of rehabilitation, which centers on the influence of family bonds and interaction, it is shown that the effects of this treatments lead to a decline in repeated cases. With this quote, it can be commented that this form of practice in juvenile centers is effective proving these centers to work better with

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