Attitudes Toward Family Planning

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Family planning is one of the key tools for a family to maintain proper economic status; by practicing this parents can plan a good and healthy welcome to the baby and can plan a better future for the baby. By practicing family planning women can take care of their health and economic well being. This is very useful to the young generation to achieve their academic, professional and family goals in a strategic way without fail. The attitude of women may varies from men regarding family planning, literates attitude may vary from illiterates and finally age factor may be one of the major factor which may influence the attitude towards family planning. Comparing
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In improving and achieving health outcomes of a women and children, family planning is considered as the fundamental step. Family planning process or family planning services include education and counseling, pre – conception care, screening and laboratory tests, and finally family planning methods. Natural family planning, abstinence and all FDA approved methods of fertility control – hormonal contraception and contraceptive supplies such as diaphragms and intrauterine devices are the major forms of family planning.
Advantages of family planning
The California Department of Health Services Office of Family Planning says about advantages of family planning as – first and foremost one is family planning reduces the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions among women, by practicing family planning women can choose when the time is right to have a child. It gives women the option to wait until they are finically able to care for a child. By strict practice of family planning a woman can achieve her academic, personal and professional goals without fail. Finally family planning avoids financial burden of unplanned pregnancy.
Disadvantages of family
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The following hypotheses were formulated based on the objectives
 Higher the age is higher the positive attitude towards family planning
 Men may have positive attitude towards family planning than women.
 Literate people may have positive attitude towards family planning than illiterate respondents.
2.3. Research Instrument
The tool used to conduct the present study was scale to measure attitude of rural people towards family planning (Questionnaire). This scale was devised by Uday Pareek. The scale contains 20 statements with five rating points. Likert 's summated rating scale was used in constructing the scale.
2.4. Research Design
Descriptive Research design was adopted to analyse the results and to interpret.

2.5. Sample Size and Scheme
For the purpose of the present study a sample of 60 was taken, 15 women who are literates, 15 women who illiterates, 15 men who are literates, 15 men who are illiterates. Simple Random Technique was adopted to get the required sample.
2.6. Variables Independent variables: Age, Gender and Educational Status
Dependent variable: Attitude Scale
2.7. Data Collection
In order to obtain required data, the researcher approached rural people at Chandur Village in Nalgonda district of Telangana State. Questionnaire method was adopted to collect the

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