Outline Of Freud's Psychological Development

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Introduction People who guide and interact with the children must have the basic knowledge of their overall personality development from birth to puberty. So especially parents must know how to guide their children, and should have a basic knowledge of the development of sexuality from infancy to adolescence. Freud (1964) believes that children’s pleasure is governed by the id and are focused on a different area of the body (Erogenous zone) at each stages of development: oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital. According to Freud (1953) as cited in Sareen (2013), believed that personality development is influenced by the behavior of a child. So that early experience plays vital role in the development of the child. According to him Psychological development in childhood takes place in a series of…show more content…
In this assignment I first went through the outline of Freud's psychosexual theory of development. Next I mainly focused on how parents manage their children’s sexual drives during these developmental period. Finally I included some of the common critiques find in Freud’s theory. Outline of Freud’s Psychological development According to Freud, Oral stage (birth to 1 year) is the stage where the sensual pleasure is attained by sucking and biting. Mouth is the center of libido. Child also gets trust and comfort in this stage. Signs of Fixation in this stage includes, smoking, envy, nail biting etc. The anal stage is from1year to 3 years. In this stage Freud (1964), believes that baby’s sexual pleasure (libido) is centred on the anus. In this stage the child thinks of satisfying his basic
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