Outline Of Globalization And Nationalism

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Can globalization and nationalism co-exist in long run? Outline: Introduction -Globalization and nationalism -Thesis statement Main body -Xi-the globalizer -The Middle East quagmire -The Kashmir issue -Rohingya crisis -Israel Palestine conflict -Brexit Conclusion Can any nation exist without globalization in this nuclear armed world? Nationalism is a theory which emphasizes that nation comes first. The least the interference of the outside world the more the nation can preserve its identity. Globalization considers the world as one whole and emphasizes on increased cross border trade. In this nuclear armed world, the only way to exist in the long run as a nation is globalization. The more the globalized a nation is, the more its nationalism is secured. A list of contemporary world 's major conflicts verify this theory. Xi-the globalizer has proved this theory. Today China is the largest exporter of goods all across the world. It has globalized its economy at a rate and intensity higher than any other country of the world. Its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative and its flagship project China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are the projects that are going to connect China with 40 countries of the world. Is there any threat to China 's nationalism? Of course not. According to The Guardian: "Mao created the People 's Republic of China, Deng made it militarily strong and Xi is going to make it powerful." And what will make her powerful is its globalized economy

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