Globalization And Nationalism Co-Exist In Long Run Essay

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Can globalization and nationalism co-exist in long run? Outline: Introduction -Globalization and nationalism -Thesis statement Main body -Xi-the globalizer -The Middle East quagmire -The Kashmir issue -Rohingya crisis -Israel Palestine conflict -Brexit Conclusion Can any nation exist without globalization in this nuclear armed world? Nationalism is a theory which emphasizes that nation comes first. The least the interference of the outside world the more the nation can preserve its identity. Globalization considers the world as one whole and emphasizes on increased cross border trade. In this nuclear armed world, the only way to exist in the long run as a nation is globalization. The more the globalized a nation is, the more its nationalism…show more content…
Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) could do nothing in response except a single meeting. Trump knows that if he had announced the whole Middle East a part of Israel the Muslim countries could have done nothing. This weakness of Muslim countries finds its roots in the commonly accepted but false belief that globalization is a threat to their nationalism. This pet obsession has paved their way towards isolation. And in this seemingly glorifying isolation have ruined their international affairs. Brexit is presented as a case study, in which globalization became a threat to nationalism. But it should be kept in mind that through Brexit, Britain didn 't oppose globalization. Britain will remain globalized even after Brexit. Because it is the globalization that made the Britain great. Hence, from above stated arguments we can conclude that globalization provides security for a nation and helps nation to protect its national interests. Therefore, to secure nationalism, globalization is imperative. Particularly, the nuclearization of the Earth has made the co-existence of nationalism and globalization imperative. Without their co-existence, there is no existence. Hence nationalism and globalization can co-exist in long as well as short run. Hope sanity will
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